What disciplines are offered?

Study fields may differ from project to project in the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 programme. Usually, the fields of study are defined by EU for that particular region and project. Most of the universities of the Erasmus Mundus - partnership, therefore, are mostly comprehensive universities that offer a wide range of study fields.

The following are the thematic areas covered in EMA2 projects:

  • Agricultural Sciences (1)

  • Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning (2)

  • Art and Design (3)

  • Business Studies and Management Sciences (4)

  • Education, Teacher Trainings (5)

  • Engineering, Technology (6)

  • Geography, Geology (7)

  • Humanities (8)

  • Languages (9)

  • Law (10)

  • Mathematics, Informatics (11)

  • Medical Sciences (12)

  • Natural Sciences (13)

  • Social Sciences (14)

  • Communication and Information Sciences (15)

Important: Applications are possible in any field of study offered by the particular Erasmus Mundus  Action 2 Project. Candidates applying for a mobility flow corresponding to one of the priority fields, however, will receive extra points during the evaluation phase. Furthermore, undergraduate and master studies offered by the European partners will be limited to the specific thematic areas listed above.

* The numbers in brackets indicate the corresponding EU Subject Code.