What a scholarship covers:

Subsistence allowance: 

  • 1000 € per month for undergraduate and graduate students

  • 1500 € per month for doctorate students

  • 1800 € per month for post-doctorates

  • 2500 € per month for academic staff

Insurance costs:

  • All grant holders will receive the insurance. Most of the project coordinators organize the central insurance policy.

Participation fee/Tuition fee:

  • Tuition fee is waived for the students (BA, MA & PhD) which will come to Goettingen for less than 10 months. There is participation fee of 3000€/year/student (may differ from some coordinators) for the students studying longer than two semesters. Part of the participation fee will be used for student study and research activities.

Travel costs:

  • Round trip ticket.

  • Travel Costs: depending on the distance:

The distance is based on the direct, linear distance between on the one side the sending university (Target Group 1), the location of origin (for Target Group 2) or the location of residence (for Target Group 3) and the hosting university premises.