Foyer International

Dear All,

We are the Foyer Team working as a subdivision of Göttingen University International Office. We provide a platform for all students, regardless of their nationality, to meet and spend quality time together in gatherings of their interest. All meetings and activities are always free and you are warmly welcome to join at any point.

We have picked a number of activities for this winter semester in a way to actualize the ever-increasing international potential here, so much of which our university already possesses and is known for.

Colorful events are distributed among Monday evenings. Our much-favored Potluck Dinner will take place on 21st of October at Foyer International. Here, every person brings a favorite dish or snack and we end up having a collection of tasty foods seasoned with different cultures to enjoy togehter. As before, Cultural Evenings are the highlight of the semester where students from Japan, Serbia, and Brazil will introduce their country and culture to others. If you'd like to get a closer look on these cultures and foods, make sure not to miss any of them.

There will be also a Find Your Tandem evening where you can find language partners in order to ease the process of language learning through a mutual pact. Two International Cooking Evenings will follow only to be capped with the joyful Winter Party. Besides, a gaming night, an intercultural picnic, a crafting evening, and a concert of our Erasmus Choir will be there for all students to join and enjoy.

As being known for hosting diverse nationalities, we have organized different cafes for language aficianados. You can join Caffè Italia, Soirées Franco-Allemandes, English Workshop, Typic German?!, and Café Español to improve your language skills by having direct contact with native speakers. These language workshops intend to extend the learning process from classrooms to a friendly and real-life situation where interesting aspects emerge.

On every Friday evening, movie lovers can gather around at our corner, English Movie Night, and spend time with like-minded students. You can also put your acting and drawing skills to the test at the Theater Course or Painting Workshop. The courses offer you a chance to discover and display your secret talents! If you want to do some yoga, you should definitely join our Yoga Workshop .

We wish you a wonderful semester and look forward to seeing new and familiar faces at the Foyer International.

Your Foyer Team,
Mohsen, Merve, Elena and Elif

team WiSe 2019/20