Sunday walks

The University of Göttingen possesses impressive collections of international importance, whose foundation dates back to the beginning of the University's history. Savants active in Göttingen were striving in the spirit of the Enlightenment for the best equipment possible for research and teaching. Even the attractiveness of the University for students was to be increased with unique collection items. The initiative of the Göttingen naturalist and anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach and his excellent contacts to participants of the larger expeditions of his time lead to numerous gifts and fruitful bartering. This enabled the opening of the Königlich Academische Museum already in 1773. The collection of flora and fauna, books and cards, ethnographica, pictures and graphics was »not for the purpose of pomp«, as Georg Christoph Lichtenberg put it, »but solely for use, examination and teaching«.

Spectacular, exciting and impressive is the stock of devices and instruments, models and medals, preparations and ethnological pieces as well as art work of prints and painting that have been increasingly opened up to interested persons in the past years.

Now six large museum collections invite you: The Museum of Zoology, the Art Collection, the Ethnographic Collection, the Cast Collection of Antique Sculptures, the Collection of Musical Instruments as well as the Museum of Geoscience are open Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm.

Sunday walks: Art ? Culture ? Nature. Come with your family and get to know treasures of the Georgia Augusta on a Sunday afternoon. Our collections and museums are worth visiting.