In publica commoda

Bicycle rental and Co.

The bicycle is also the ideal means of transport for commuters.

Following your arrival in Göttingen by train or bus, you can easily change to a bike at the railway station and move around quickly and comfortably from there in Göttingen.

Bicycle rental
Renting a bike is a brilliant alternative for all who need one just temporarily or at short notice.

Bicycle parking garage
A bicycle parking garage is also available near the Göttingen railway station. Here, you can leave your bicycle safely overnight or even for several days. You will find the details here.
Bicycle carriage on public transport
Göttingen is a bicycle-friendly city. The municipal transport company of Göttingen (GöVB) offers free-of-charge bicycle carriage within its entire transport network. Several other transport companies also offer special deals for bicycle transport.

Detailed information is available here.