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Change of study location / End of studies

If you want to leave the University of Göttingen, you should exmatriculate to avoid being officially exmatriculated by the University. You will receive a confirmation of your exmatriculation that must/can be shown at other institutions.
Withdrwal takes place at the end of the semester, unless a specific alternative is stated in your application. It is not possible to exmatriculate retrospectively.
Attention: This is not valid for retraction of erolment (see below).

You can use the self-serve functions when exmatriculating. You only need to go to the website (see below) and follow the instructions. If you are planning to change to a different institution of higher education, please do not change the pre-set date (semester end) so that your student status is not interrupted, as the new institution of higher education will enrol you for the upcoming semester. When you have conducted your exmatriculation, you can immediately print out your exmatriculation and/or pension certificate.

Retraction of Enrolment
If you want to end your studies at the first semester of enrolment up to one month after the beginning of the lecture period, you can retract your enrolment. Apply for this in written form at the Registrar's Office and enclose your student ID, printed documents of enrolment up to one month after the beginning of the lecture period.