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Study assistance and technical aids

Sometimes students can better manage their course of studies with the help of study assistants and technical aids.

Study assistants

Study assistants are normally students who support other students with disabilities /chronic diseases in managing their everyday student life. This includes services such as: taking notes during lectures and seminars, processing study literature for visually impaired/blind students, helping with the use of libraries, etc.

Applications for financing of student assistance can be filed as part of integration assistance. The local social welfare office is responsible for granting integration assistance. Students usually select their personal assistants themselves, for example via the Social Services of Student Services Organisation.

For Students in the faculty of humanity, who are temporarily or permanent impaired, exists the offer campus-assistance for facilitation of the daily study life since summer semester 2013. For further information look here.

Technical aids

As a technical aid for blind and visually impaired students, the State and University Library (SUB) has installed a special electronic workplace at the Learning Resources Center. Here, an enlargement table, a Braille reading device, a book scanner, JAWS and Magic are available to students. Details of the exact location and contact persons responsible can be found here.