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Analysis on Lie manifolds 23.10.2014
Intellectual turnover - reception of German romantic ideas by Russian slavophiles. Example of intercultural dialog 23.10.2014
The Enlightenment our Contemporary: Universities and Globalisation in the Age of the Enlightenment 23.10.2014
InDiGU Sprachtandem-Abend/InDiGU - Find your language tandem 27.10.2014
Some unanswered questions in the numerical analysis of singularly perturbed differential equations 28.10.2014
Catalytic Reduction of CO2 and Esters with Nickel and Iron Pincer Complexes 28.10.2014
PEPTAG: a small change for man, a giant pain for germkind! A novel approach for detecting pathogenic fungi 28.10.2014
Infirmity in the Indian Census: Enumerating and Constructing Disability in South Asia, 1871-1931 29.10.2014
Antidote for Mycotoxins 29.10.2014
West - east identity: the example of Henry von Heiseler 30.10.2014
Noncommutative Geometry and its applications to Particle Physics 30.10.2014
They say that I am most unmanly: Gender and Courtly Love in Henry Suso (c. 1295-1366) and Richard Rolle (c. 1300-1349) 04.11.2014
New Fields of Technetium Chemistry: Innovations Start with Fundamental Research 04.11.2014
A Village Scandal and Democratic Imaginaries 05.11.2014
Family Policies and Family Dynamics: The Case of Sweden 05.11.2014

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