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Interdisciplinary Matters: Doing Space while Doing Gender. Neue Perspektiven auf Materialität, Medialität und Temporalität 29.07.2016
Divine Detection: crime and the metaphysics of disorder 31.08.2016
Imposture, Law, and the Policing of Personhood: the return of Khulekani Khumalo, zombie captive 01.09.2016
Festering Corruption and Vice in High Places: Narrating Crime and Dis/Order in Antebellum America 03.09.2016
Turning the King’s Library into the Enlightenment Gallery – thirteen years on 05.09.2016
Contemporary Chinese Art 07.09.2016
The Crystal State: Parisian Collectors and Mineral Aesthetics in the Late Eighteenth Century 07.09.2016
Horizons in Molecular Biology 12.09.2016
Horizons in Molecular Biology 13.09.2016
Horizons in Molecular Biology 14.09.2016
Horizons in Molecular Biology 15.09.2016
Networks in Biology 12.10.2016
Networks in Biology 13.10.2016