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The Hunterian: Scotland’s public university museum 01.12.2015
'Treating English Handicaps: Spoken English training centres, English teaching, and therapy on contemporary India' 02.12.2015
Biology and taxonomy of Fusarium species infecting cereals 02.12.2015
A p-adic Gross-Zagier formula for Hilbert modular forms 03.12.2015
Though the Looking-Glass: Imagining China/Africa Relations through Commodity Aesthetics, Art Media, and Photography 07.12.2015
PhD Colloquium 07.12.2015
10. Göttinger Freilandtage 08.12.2015
Transition metal homoeostasis in Cupriavidus metallidurans: The metal transportome and beyond 08.12.2015
10. Göttinger Freilandtage 09.12.2015
Vernacular Capitalism, Advertising and Modern Print Media in Western India, 1900-1945 10.12.2015
10. Göttinger Freilandtage 10.12.2015
Roman Relics in the Relic Collections of Early Medieval Francia 10.12.2015
10. Göttinger Freilandtage 11.12.2015
Individual Power and the Politics of Welfare in China: Bringing Persons Back in Institutional Analysis 15.12.2015
To be announced 15.12.2015

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