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Race and Caste: From Analytics of Power to Theories of Value, and Back Again 15.04.2015
Resistance is futile: unraveling molecular mechanisms of a drug-tolerant Staphylococcus aureus mutant 21.04.2015
Governing India's Land: Sub-national Perspectives 22.04.2015
Five Skulls that Made Human Taxonomy 23.04.2015
Music and Liturgy in Japanese Esoteric Buddhism: Mandala in Sound 28.04.2015
Genealogies of Equality: Dalit Engagement with Liberalism in Colonial North India 29.04.2015
Theologies of Protection: Deshi Mafias and the 'Offer One Can't Refuse' 06.05.2015
Challenging Normalised Exclusion: Humour and Hopeful Rationality in Dalit Politics 11.05.2015
Soul Music in Seoul: Korean Shaman Music, in Rituals and on Stage 19.05.2015
Global Justice, Capabilities Approach, and Commercial Surrogacy in India 20.05.2015
How to Crush a Reactor? Anti-Nuclear Movements, the ‘Foreign Hand’ and Transnational (Dis)Connectivities 26.05.2015
Less is more: gene loss drives the formation of intercellular bacterial networks 02.06.2015
Past or Present? The New Grammar of Caste in Contemporary India 03.06.2015
Mapping Emotions, Constructing Feelings: Delhi in the 1840s 10.06.2015
Can the Revolution be Legalized?: The Contradictions of Law and Social Transformation in India 17.06.2015

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