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From route planning to scheduling and policy decisions: Applications of multiobjective optimization in transportation 23.04.2014
The virology and immunology of HIV cell-to-cell spread - fällt aus 24.04.2014
GlobalFood Symposium 25.04.2014
GlobalFood Symposium 26.04.2014
Neustart - Das Ende der Wirtschaft, wie wir sie kennen! Kulturwandel im Unternehmertum und Unternehmensführung 28.04.2014
A common evolutionary basis for cell death pathways in fungi, animals and plants 29.04.2014
Radicals, Nano-particles and E-H Bond Activation: Tuning Main Group Elements to Behave as Transition Transition Metal Complexes with Fluorinated Alkoxides for C-H and O-H bond Oxidation Reactions 29.04.2014
Rethinking risk elicitation - the role of the task, gender, probabilities and certain outcomes 30.04.2014
Bidesia in Bambai (86 min; Bhojpuri and Hindi with English subtitles; 2013) 30.04.2014
Münzen, Flüsse, Mythen und Göttergeburten: Konstruktion von Stadtidentitäten im römischen Phrygien 30.04.2014
Can We See the Baby Bump Please? 30.04.2014
Consciousness and the Collapse of the Wave Function 02.05.2014
Rehabilitation of degraded ecosystem services through agroforestry in Central Asia 06.05.2014
Genome-wide data reveals a novel function of an mRNA binding protein 06.05.2014
Indian Economic History Writing: Past Trends and Future Possibilities 07.05.2014

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